Wordy Wednesday #8

Ironic: Using or characterized by irony; happening in a way opposite way to what is expected~ I think its ironic that we draw trees on paper.

Omen: An event regarded as a portent of good or evil~ The dark sky was a bad omen.

Profanity: Obscene language~ It is considered rude to use profanity in a church.

Lewd: Crude and offensive.. in a sexual way~ The couple was arrested for lewd behavior in public.

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Wordy Wednesday #9

Dank: Damp~ Christian’s gym clothes were dank with sweat. 

Demise: The death of someone~ She had no idea her actions torwards other peoples boyfriend would lead to her demise. HAHAHAHAHjk.

Evasive: Tending to avoid commitment or self-revelation~ You could tell she was an evasive person.

Maneuvers:A movement or series of moves requiring skills as a ninja(or close)~ Her attempt of copying the maneuvers of a ninja were awkward.

Naught: To come to nothing~ Her flirting came to naught. 

By xh0yitserika

Amazon nonfiction book.


The book I found was a book called A Child is Missing. It is nonfiction and a mystery. I am interested in this book because I like mystery and the cover makes it more interesting, which shows a black and white forest with a kid in a bright blue coat. Also, I like stories about kids my age. It makes me think of how my life would be if I were them, especially if the story is real. 

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OMG for Stop the Sun.

Title: Stop the Sun

Author: Gary Paulse

Characters: Terry Erickson, Mom, Dad

Theme: Thriller-ish

Message: Letting things out will help you and the other person understand you better.

Most important quote: “…I thought..  I could stop the sun.”

I would not recommend this story unless the person likes bad stories. I would not recommend it because its boring and it seems like you have to have a connection to the story. 

By xh0yitserika

Response to Stop the Sun.

I did not like the story Stop the Sun. I did not like it because I had no connections to it. I thought the story was boring, but kind of funny. I’m not mean, I just thought it was funny when the dad was crawling on the floor. I only found it funny because I imagined my dad crawling on the floor of the mall. My dad is pretty buff since he works out everyday, so that is why I thought it was funny. I also did not like the story because it was really boring and I had no idea what made the dad like that. Nothing exciting happened and I do not think the dad should have the Vietnam Syndrome. I don’t get why he did not want to talk about how he almost died but he did not. If that happened to me, I would tell my kid how I’m lucky to be alive and why I act like I would.

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Wordy Wednesday #2

Vulgar~ crude; coarse; unrefined; The peasant was being vulgar by making a crude joke to his queen.

Lament~ A passionate expression for grief; The boy lamented his thoughtless actions. 

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Late blog homework(due 9/19)

Someone in my IR book that reminds me of someone I know in real life is Klaus. Klaus likes to read a lot. He reads a lot of books and I consider him a bookworm. Someone I know in real life who is similar to Klaus is my cousin’s friend, Decie. Decie has a lot of books, basically covering the walls of her bedroom. Decie knows a lot about books, including their price(I would know, she proves me wrong everytime). Klaus and Decie both know a lot about books and read them a lot, so that’s why I think Klaus and Decie seem alike. 

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Postponed~ : Cause or arranged to take place at a time later than the first scheduled; The host postponed the party due to the thunderstorm.

Sadistic~: A pervasive pattern of cruel, demeaning, and aggressive behavior; satisfaction is gained from intimidating, hurting, and humiliating others; The babysitter was caught being sadistic to the child and was fired.

Ritual~: A religious or solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order; The Maya and Incas sacrifice to the gods to please them for their ritual. 

Overstimulated~: Excessive use, over use of something; Thomas overstimulated on coffee and could not stay still, sleep, or concentrate. 

Transcendental~: To be one being beyond comprehension; The student was transcendent in all subjects.

Postponed~ : Ca…

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My book is A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket. The main characters are named Violet, Klaus. and Sunny. In the beginning, the three siblings are told that their parents died in a fire that burned the house to the ground. They are told that according to their parents will, they have to stay with their relative that lives close, Count Olaf, even if their parents never mentioned him before. It turns out that he is rude and a bad guardian. Mr.Poe, the man who organized the arrangement, explained how they are prejudging him and he requests they give Count Olaf another chance. k

My book is A Se…

By xh0yitserika

There was an awkward silence. Everyone stood glancing at eachother.

“What now?” asked Carol.

“Uh…” Max got nervous. What if the beasts realize I’m not actually a king? What if I become a pile of bones? Max had to think, and fast. 

“Well… we should fix our beds of course. Maybe if we are very observant, we can make perfect replica of the old ones.”

“Or BETTER”, said the bull. “My bed was too small, and uncomfortable.”

“Or,” Judith started, “we can just make beds to resemble the old ones.”

Everyone looked at Judith.

“Gettin’ real’ tired of your stuff Judith,” said Douglas.

“Alright now, lets not argue” said Carol. 

“You too, Carol! You’re the blame for our beds!”
There were some gasps. Max did not want to get between this fight. He had to leave before things got really rough. Suddenly there were groups. One was ‘Judith is doing the most’ and group ‘Douglas thinks hes all that and a pack of crackers but he’s not’. 

Everyone was arguing and raising their voices to hollers. 

Now is my chance thought Max.

He began to tip toe into the deep, dark forest, disappearing into the cuts. Carol looked over to where he was.

“King! Who do you think— HEY! The kid is getting away!”

All of the beasts were panicking. They split up running in one direction, hoping they could find their king.

Max was having trouble finding the ocean. He heard yells and felt the ground shake. He felt breathing down his back and found himself feet first into Carols mouth. He had so many regrets. He wished he just stayed home, alone in his room on tumblr. He wished he was nicer to his mom. His head was almost swallowed and he said his goodbyes to the world. 

Then, he awoke sweaty, crying, and screaming. It seemed as if no one heard him. He let out a sigh. He looked to his bedside finding a cold supper. But something felt wrong. He tried to reach over for his corn, but something was stopping him. He couldn’t move. Then, his door creaked. His heart was racing. And then he saw shadows. Then it got dark. the door slowly opened, creaking. He saw big volleyball-sized eyes. He was screaming at the top of his lungs. And sat straight up, actually awake this time. He was in a forest. Oh no he thought. Not again.

He heard groans and whispers.

“Something the matter, king?” asked a beastly voice. 

He was then fully devoured and dead.



There was an aw…

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